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Heroes of Thedas by msjobee
Heroes of Thedas
My Dragon Age protags, first row being the "canon" playthrough and second being the "EVERYTHING IS TERRIBLE" playthrough.

Dragon Age belongs to Bioware
These babes belong to me
Template is by
XIII - Death by msjobee
XIII - Death
tbh this didn't start out as a tarot card but I was looking at DA:I art and HERE WE ARE
it wasn't really based on any specific card but I think the Death card fits alright:

"Death does not necessarily, or even usually, indicate physical death. In fact, in general, it is considered irresponsible for readers to predict physical death, as we are creatures with free will, and such things are not written in stone. This card simply indicates transformation and change. This is definitely a time of deep transformation, likely to be both inner and outwardly in your life. Situations, things, and people that you have counted on or gotten used to may no longer be available to you in quite the same way as they once were, and this transition can be difficult for some people."
Asha by msjobee
submission for buff babes zine
pre-N7 days Asha Shepard, when she was still a small baby and by 'small baby' I mean 'BUFF AS HECK'
still a baby tho
I'm doing commissions! All the info is here.
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Artist | Student | Varied
Jo, 20, illustration student. Watches an ungodly amount of shows and has an ungodly amount of obsessions.

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Happy Birthday :D
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Thank you for the fave :)
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No problem!
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No problem! Great art deserves watchers!
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Most definitely digging your work! Cheers!
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Aw thanks man!
ragingkitten99 Featured By Owner May 10, 2013
So I found your "real women have curves" shark drawing on some random website and it is awesome. Thank you for that. I'm tired of being told I'm not real. Now...I'm shark. Sharks are totally cool. I don't have to be self-conscious about my small breasts anymore, because I'm a freaking shark!!!!
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